Join the Board

Are you passionate about theatre? Would you like to be a part of the board?

Read through the open board positions and plan to join us on February 1st at 7:00pm (message us for address). Be prepared to introduce yourself and why you are interested in that role and what you bring to the table in 60 seconds or less.

*Non-voting members DO get to vote in elections and season selections. You must be a current board member (voting or non-voting) to vote in elections, but you do not need to be a board member to run for a position. If you would like to join the board in a non-voting capacity (in order to vote in the upcoming elections) get in touch with us before Feb 1st.

Board of Directors

President/Artistic Director

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Runs board meetings, appoints committees, and performs other duties as directed by the bylaws. As president, this individual represents the organization in public by giving speeches, writing articles, and attending functions on behalf of the organization. Attends city council meetings when possible. In charge of outreach and expansion of the organization. If items or people fall through, the President will be responsible for completing them (either personally or by appointing another board member to the task). The President ensures a positive public image, documents complaints, and works to ensure complaints are addressed and resolved when possible. The President oversees each production, but the specific roles of the production (i.e. director, producer, and stage manager) operate independently with the support of the president. With the treasurer, oversees the budget for each show. As the Artistic Director, ensures the artistic direction for each show is appropriate and inclusive. Acts as the mediator in any conflict resolutions that may arise and works to maintain a peaceful and safe environment for all involved. Works with EMPAC representative to ensure all relevant financial information is given to the treasurer on a monthly basis and to coordinate volunteers for EMPAC events.

*2 year term. Can be reelected twice in a row.

Vice President

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Serving directly under the president is the vice president. This person is often next in line to become the president and serves as the board’s leader when the president is not present, such as during official board meetings. Attends city council meetings when possible. In charge of coordinating the submission and selection of shows for the season through a majority vote of the board (both voting and non-voting). Assists the President in outreach and expansion of the organization. Acts as a mediator if President is unable to.


*2 year term. Can be reelected twice in a row.


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Treasurer is responsible for keeping track of the organization’s financial condition including main financial records, conducts purchases (after board approval), invoices, and otherwise oversees and keeps an eye on the organization’s finances. The treasurer also prepares and delivers a treasurer’s report at each of the board’s official meetings and for each show and approves the organization’s annual tax filing in conjunction with the EMPAC Treasurer. The Treasurer is the officer accountable for keeping accurate accounting records of the receipts and disbursements of the organization. With the help of another board member, collect funds at events and maintains cashbox and POS system.

*2 year term. Can be reelected twice in a row.

Assistant Director/Event Coordinator

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Assists the President/Artistic Director in coordinating event venues, rehearsal locations, dates and event specifics. Administers and collects contracts/releases for venues and cast/crew. Attends city council meetings when possible. Works closely with President and Vice President to fulfill the needs of the organization. Works closely with the Fundraising and Sponsorship committee to ensure fundraising events are in order.

*2 year term. Can be reelected twice in a row.

Non Voting Board Roles

Marketing Committee

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The Marketing Committee consists of one chairperson and up to 3 additional members. Duties includeensuring all graphics and posters for upcoming events and shows are created. Abides by any rules from rights holders regarding verbiage that must be present. Distributes marketing collateral and all show graphics via in-person and online avenues. Assists in maintaining social media platforms, manages blog and newsletters. This committee also maintains the website and with the help of the treasurer, creates ticketing for events on the website. In charge of requesting sign approval from the city. Creates events on calendar websites in accordance with the Production timeline. Works to find new sources of advertising. Other duties as assigned.

Reports to the President.

Roles within this committee can include – Digital marketer, graphic designer, webmaster, PR. Roles are directed by Marketing Chair and President

*1 year term minimum. Can serve up to 2 years in position.

Remaining Seats 2/4

Production & Technical Committee

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The Production and Technical Committee consists of one chairperson and up to 3 additional members. Duties include: working closely with the producer for each show to ensure all show tasks are being completed, coordinating any and all technical needs for each show including but not limited to costuming, sound, lighting, storage unit collection and organization, and coordinating box office and concessions help at each show.

Ensures sound equipment is stored in a safe, temperature-controlled location. Is in charge of getting sound equipment to and from events. With the help of the Music Committee, is responsible for ensuring sound is taken care of for each show, including microphones and music. Ensures all equipment is working properly. Helps Assistant Director coordinate locations, and contracts. Other duties as assigned.

Reports to Assistant Director.

*1 year term minimum. Can serve up to 2 years in position.

Remaining Seats 4/4

Fundraising & Sponsorship Committee

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The Fundraising and Sponsorship Committee consist of one chairperson and up to 3 additional members.

Duties include: assisting the Board of Directors with ideas and implementation of how to raise funds for the organization. Helps to communicate to the community about events and needs. Attends city council meetings when possible. Tracks board members’ annual fundraising minimum of ($500) and coordinates all fundraising efforts. Researches and applies for grants with the help of the President and Treasurer. Coordinates with EMPAC liaison to ensure grants are not being filed by both organizations. Other duties as assigned.

Reports to Treasurer

 *1 year term minimum. Can serve up to 2 years in position.

Remaining Seats 4/4

Musical Committee

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The Musical Committee consists of one chairperson and up to 2 additional members. Duties include: ensuring all musical needs for each show are met, including but not limited to finding a choreographer and music director, printing music, maintaining ASCAP licensure (in coordination with EMPAC) and ensuring all proper licensing for music is met. Acquires music, sound effects, etc. for each show as directed by the director.  Other duties as assigned.

Reports to Secretary

*1 year term minimum. Can serve up to 2 years in position.

Remaining Seats 3/4

Community Outreach Coordinator

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Under the direction of the President and Vice President, engages in community outreach including city events, schools and other local organizations. Works to find opportunities for the theatre to present and spread the word. Attends city council meetings if available. Other duties as assigned. Community Outreach committee may be formed under the direction of the President.

Reports to Vice President.

 *1 year term minimum. Can serve up to 2 years in position.

Remaining Seats 1/1

High School Representative

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Open to all local High School Students.

Assists in communicating with high school teachers and students. Helps distribute posters for events such as shows and auditions. Works to get peers involved in shows as crew and actors. Other duties as assigned.

Reports to President.

*6-month to 1 year term. Determined by the needs of the individual and board.

Remaining Seats 1/2


Can I still audition for shows if I am on the board?

As a member of the board, you are welcome to audition for any of our shows. Being a member of the board does not guarantee you a role in any show, there is no preferential treatment for board members in casting. There can only be a maximum of two (2) board members cast in any show as a lead or supporting role unless there are not enough outside participants auditioning.

When there is a large turnout for auditions, directors will be encouraged to cast performers that have not previously had leading or supporting roles in EMCT productions. Participants (including board members) may have large roles in multiple productions if there is limited participation in auditions. This will be up to the discretion of the director in communication with assisting casting directors. In general, we will try not to have the same person(s) cast in leads for multiple shows.

What is the time commitment?

Voting Boarding Members meeting once a month (usually the first Wednesday) and Non-Voting members meet quarterly with the rest of the board and other times as their committee dictates. 

The time committment varies for each show and each position. For example, if you are stage managing a show, that takes up a lot of time while that show is going on (usuallu 6-8 weeks). If you are on the sponsorhip committee, that is less involved in shows.

We understand that this is all volunteer and we all have lives outside of this so don’t let the time committment scare you. If you end up not being able to fulfill any given task, communicate with your chair person or board member above you so it’s covered. We get that life happens.

Am I required to work on the shows?

Each of the three to five voting board members will be required to participate in one or more of the following capacities for a minimum of two shows per season: as a director, producer, or stage manager and in a technical capacity (such as backstage crew or sound). All non-voting board members will be required to serve in a technical capacity for one (1) show per season.
Performing in shows is not a requirement.

I'm interested but have no experience, can I still join?

Yes! None of us had much experience when we first started this company. Join and let’s learn together. We will also train you as much as we know how. 

Do I have to know how and/or complete everything listed myself?

Nope! You are just in charge of making sure it gets done. You can find others to help, delegate to other board members or complete the tasks yourself. Ideally, it’s a combination of all of these.

Can I just help with shows and not join the board?

Absolutely! We always need help with shows whether backstage or tickets/concessions. Send us an email and we’ll add you to the list of volunteers and we’ll reach out when we have a need.