Overture – Orchestra

The Castle

Prologue – Orchestra

The Town

Belle – Belle, Gaston, Lefou, Silly Girls,Villagers

The Cottage

Maurice’s Entrance – Orchestra

Maurice and Belle – Orchestra

The Forest

Wolf Chase #1 – Maurice

The Castle Interior

Maurice and The Beast – Orchestra

The Cottage

Gaston’s Crossover – Orchestra

Me – Gaston, Belle

Belle – Reprise – Belle

Then I’ll Find Him Myself – Orchestra

The Castle Interior

Belle In The Castle – Orchestra

Is This Home? – Belle

Is This Home Tag – Mrs. Potts, Madame

The Tavern

Gaston – LeFou, Gaston, Silly Girls, Men, Bar Wenches

Gaston – Reprise – Gaston, Lefou

The Castle Interior

How Long Must This Go On? – Beast

Be Our Guest – Lumiere, Chip, Mrs. Potts, Cogsworth, Babette, Madame, Ensemble

West Wing

Belle In The West Wing – Orchestra

If I Can’t Love Her – Beast


Entr’acte – Orchestra

The Forest

Wolf Chase #2 – Orchestra

The Castle Interior

Something There – Belle, Beast, Mrs. Potts, Lumiere, Cogsworth

Human Again – Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, Babette, Chip, Madame, Cogsworth, Ensemble

The West Wing / Ballroom

Beauty and the Beast – Mrs. Potts

The Beast Lets Belle Go – Orchestra

If I Can’t Love Her – Reprise – Beast

The Cottage

A Change In Me – Belle

Show Me The Beast – Orchestra

The Mob Song – Gaston, Ensemble

The Castle Interior

Fight On The Tower – Orchestra

Is This Home? Reprise – Belle

Transformation/Finale – Beast, Belle, Ensemble

Bows All

Exit – Orchestra


Belle – Anne Riboldi

Beast – Christian Riboldi

Gaston – Brigham Jenkins

Lefou – Skyler Wilcox

Maurice – Benjamin Salazar

Lumiere – Tony Lofthouse

Mrs. Potts – Karen Humphreys

Cogsworth – Skyler Talbot

Babette – Melissa Peck

Madame De Le Grande Bouche – Natalie Simpson

Chip – Daxton Gifford

Les Filles – Ariel Tegan, Meg McCoy-Reitz, Kylee Sumner

Monsieur D’Arque – Adam Skousen

Young Prince Dancer – Daniel Atwell

Enchantress Ballerina – Lucy Barnes

Narrator – Grace Boren


Tavern Master – Matt Bake

Baker – Tyler Allred

Bookseller – Adam Skousen

Candle Maker – Rochelle Rackliffe

Milkmaid – Rachael Lundberg

Sausage Curl Lady – Jennifer Johnson

Flower Seller – Ava Duncan

Laundry Lady – Elizabeth Ellis

Marie – Olyvia Knight

Hat seller – Deagan Humphreys

Townsfolk/ Castle staff – Evylee Collier, Evy Ford, Bailey Rackliffe, Lilly Talbot, Brecka Humphreys, Terra Hansen, Mia Paschal, Emily Ries, Melissa Haase, Carly Blake, isabella bake, Annika Fletcher, Matt Bake, Tyler, Allred, Adam Skousen, Rochelle Rackliffe, Rachel Lundberg, Jennifer Johnson, Ava Duncan, Elizabeth Ellis, Olyvia Knight, Deagan Humphreys, Lucy Barnes

Wolves/Featured Dancers – Jordin Dinehart, Lucy Barnes, Rachael Lundberg, Emily Ries, Brecka Humphreys, Benjamin Salazar, Ariel Tegan, Ava Duncan

Kids – Benson Rackliffe, Diana Bake, Gerick Humphreys, Jensen Webb, Kinley Blake, Matthew Bake Jr., Roselia Bake

Director – Heather Lynne Brower

Choreographer – Daniel Atwell

Music Director – Karen Humphreys

Producer – Amy Hart

Stage Manager – Benjamin Salazar

Marketing – Elizabeth Ellis, Ariel Tega, Kylee Sumner


Sound Design – Heather Brower

Light Design – Heather Brower

Projection Designer – Anne Riboldi

Scenic Designer – Kelli Stevenson, Anne Riboldi

Scenic Designer Assistant – Heather Brower, Greg Stevenson, Christian Riboldi

Building Foreman – Greg Stevenson

Builders – Greg Stevenson, Jerid clark, Christian Riboldi, Clayton Condie

Specialty Prop and Weapons Master Builder – Christian Riboldi

Maurice Machine Designer and Builder – Clayton Condie

Props Master – Rochelle Rackliffe

Makeup and Hair Designer – Ariel Tegan, Ava Duncan, Natalie Simpson, Heather Brower

Costume Designer/Coordinator – Melissa Peck, Jennifer Johnson, Rachel Lundberg, Megan McCulloch, Emma Faye

Specialty Costume Designer and Artisan:

Cogsworth Costume – Jenny Johnson, Christian Riboldi

Chip Costume – Jenny Johnson

Belle Gold Ball Gown – Melissa Peck

Ensemble Costume Seamstresses – Melissa Peck, Jennifer Johnson, Rachel Lundberg, Terra Hansen, Lucy Barnes, Anne Riboldi, Christian Riboldi, Elizabeth Ellis, Emma Faye, Heather Brower, Megan McCulloch, Shylee Olsen, Heidi Riboldi, Katrina Smith, Emil Ries, Jody Bitterman

Prop Painting Helper – Tyler Allred, Lilly Talbot, Skyler Talbot, Anne Riboldi, Brigham Jenkins, Skyler Wilcox, Meg McCoy-Reitz, Ava Duncan, Isabella Bake,Matt Bake, Carly Blake, Kinley Blake, Grace Boren, Spencer Giblby, Laura Hayes, Clayton Condie, Heather Brower

Set Painting – Kelli Stevenson, Anne Riboldi, Britnee Hobson, Sarah Munford, Heather Brower, Shanda Crapo, Grace Boren, Kylee Sumner, Meg McCoy-Reitz

Dance Choreography Consultant – Lucy Barnes, Heather Brower, Ava Duncan, Brecka Humphreys, Melissa Peck, Tony Lofthouse

Technical Assistant – Christian Riboldi

Special Effects – Christian Riboldi

Fight Choreographer – Michael Rawlins, Clyde Riboldi, Brigham Jenkins, Christian Riboldi

Curtain Specialist – Sally Clark 

Master Electrician – Clayton Condie

Light Technician – Nate Jenson, Elizabeth Mashburn, Ida Clark, Keagan

Sound Technician – Ross Humphreys

Projection Technician – Michael Hart

Meet the Cast

Belle - Anne Riboldi

Anne is honored to be playing Belle in EMCT’s production of Beauty and the Beast. She’s always found it so romantic when married couples play opposite each other in shows, and now she gets to live that dream herself!  This is her first show since high school, and she’s beyond excited to have this opportunity. Anne would like to give a special thanks to her voice teacher Olivia Steadman for her priceless help. She’d like to offer the biggest thanks in the world to the family and friends who have provided many hours of babysitting. Thanks to Christian for his support and encouragement. Finally, she would like to thank her children who have cheered for her unceasingly —and learned all her lines.

Beast - Christian Riboldi

This is the first show Christian has done in almost a decade. He’s a passionate lifelong learner, builder and teacher. He currently works as a software developer and enjoys all the challenges that come with it. In the past, he had the opportunity to play the Scarlet Pimpernel, the Prince in Cinderella and the Beast. He loves learning from each role. His favorite role of all is husband and father.
Gaston - Brigham Jenkins

Meet the captivating talent behind Gaston – Brigham Jenkins. With a magnetic stage presence and a commitment to the craft, he brings the character to life with an authentic that leaves audiences spellbound.Originally from Lehi, UT, Brigham discovered a love for  sports at an early age and brings his teamwork mentality to the cast. A true artist, Brigham thrives on the collaborative energy of the performing arts. He is thrilled to bring his talents to the stage, promising an unforgettable experience for all who join in the theatrical journey.Prepare to be moved as Brigham embodies the essence of Gaston, inviting you to share in the magic of storytelling through the lens of a truly gifted performer.

Lefou - Skyler Wilcox

Making his EMCT debut, Skyler is thrilled to be associated with this incredible cast! Some of his favorite past stage credits include: Womper in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and multiple roles and shows with PKG Vocal Studio. “None of this would be possible without my sweet wife Jenny, my amazing and supportive family and friends, and everything I have learned from my vocal coach Penny!”

Maurice - Ben Salazar

Benjamin has been performing for 12 years. He has played a variety of roles and enjoys continuing to stretch his range. He started as a performer and quickly became a working staff member of a theatre company by 15 years old. He has found that theatre is healing for his soul. Aside from the theatre, Benjamin is a working Voice Actor specialising in commercial and narration. When Benjamin is not working he can be found singing his heart out and annoying his sister.

Lumiere - Tony Lofthouse

Heyo! I’m Tony, and I’m thrilled to have my first role at EMC theater! Other shows I’ve been in have consisted of Sound of Music (Max) and now I’m yours truly… Lumier. I wouldn’t be here without amazing peers to influence me and my awesome mother to show me the way of music. I’d also like to thank my awesome vocal coach as well. Please be our guest and enjoy the show.

Mrs. Potts - Karen Humphreys

Karen has lived in Eagle Mountain for 10 years and loves it here. She has been involved with EMCT for 4 years and loves bringing joy to others through theater. This is her first lead role after a 20 year break from theater! She is so excited to be apart of this community and to be apart of Beauty and the Beast.

Cogsworth - Skyler Talbot

Skyler moved to Eagle Mountain 7 years ago and he loves being part of the community. This is his first musical in 20 years and he’s so excited to be back on the stage! He is grateful to be in the play with his daughter, Lilly and would like to thank his wife and 5 other children for their patience and support. He hopes this is a memorable and enjoyable experience for all!

Babette - Melissa Peck

Melissa has performed with many theatre companies along the Wasatch Front, as well as Southwest Shakespeare Co. in Arizona. She studied Theatre Arts at UVU and Weber State and Apparel Construction at the Fashion Institute in SLC. Her favorite past roles include Mary (It’s A Wonderful Life), Abigail Adams (1776), Nancy (Oliver!), Margaret (A Man for All Seasons), Baker’s Wife (Into the Woods), Judy (White Christmas), and Tzeitel (Fiddler on the Roof). She is grateful to her husband, Jaron, and her entire family for their support throughout this challenging journey.

Madame De Le Grande Bouche - Natalie Simpson

Natalie has been performing for 18 years, and is excited to be on stage again after taking a break to start her family. Some of her favorite roles include Cosette in Les Miserables (HCTO), Evil Stepmother in Cinderella (HCTO), Martha in 7 Brides for 7 Brothers (Scera), the understudies for Maria and Liesel in The Sound of Music (Sundance), and has performed several times in The Savior of the World (CCT SLC). Natalie has also enjoyed narrating audiobooks and is writing her first book. She is so grateful for her supportive husband and two beautiful children, and they’re excited for their third coming in April! If you’re interested in vocal lessons: natcsimpson1@gmail.com

Chip - Daxton Gifford

Daxton is almost 12 years old and he has lived in Eagle Mountain since he was 2. Daxton has been an entertainer since he was a very young child. He has always tried to make his brothers laugh. He has enjoyed being in various plays and musicals for the past 2 years. Some of his favorite roles have been Conrad Birdie in Eagle Mountain Community Theatre’s youth musical Bye Bye Birdie, and as Aladdin in his school musical. He has had so much fun playing Chip with this cast so he says it will definitely be a role to remember. He hopes you all enjoy it. 
Les Filles - Ariel Tegan

Ariel’s favorite place to be is on stage. She has been performing her whole life. This includes Catch Me If You Can, Sister Act, Cinderella and more. Ariel is a producer and director at a production studio. She makes educational content for children. Ariel is grateful to be back on stage and is excited to be sharing the wonderful story of Beauty and the Beast.

Les Filles - Megan McCoy-Reitz

Meg is so excited to proudly present your dinner! Er, this show! She was most recently seen as Jenkins in EMCT’s murder mystery, and Rita La Porta in Lucky Stiff (a dream role), and she would like to thank her family, friends, and coworkers for putting up with her chaotic schedule over the past few months. Bon appétit!

Les Filles - Kylee Sumner

Kylee has been performing with the EMCT for the passed three years. She has loved her roles as Fanny (Sense and Sensibility), Dutchess (Alice in Wonderland), Inspector Bailey/director (The Hadleigh Hall Inheritance), and participating in the ensemble for Cinderella and as a vocalist in All Together Now. She is also a part of the marketing committee for EMCT and loves being able to spread the word of the amazing opportunities the theatre brings to the community. “Thank you so much to my kids for being patient as I have been so busy with rehearsals and marketting projects, I’ll be back to putting you to bed every night very soon! And, of course, the biggest thank you goes to my husband who has been so supportive of me doing what I love, and helping me navigate being a mom of 3 (one of which is 5 months old) and a performer.”

Monsieur D'Arque - Adam Skousen

Adam Skousen loves to perform, entertain, and teach, and he is grateful for the opportunities he has had on stage and in the recording booth. On stage, he specializes in physical comedy and musical performance. With Eagle Mountain Community Theatre, he has had the privilege of acting in The Importance of Being Earnest (Algernon), Alice in Wonderland (Mock Turtle), Cinderella (Herald), and The Hadley Hall Inheritance murder mystery, among others. He is also part of Inspire Chorus, a local singing group that shares positive and uplifting music in Northern Utah. Additionally, Adam is an audiobook narrator specializing in non-fiction, YA fantasy, and clean romance. Some of his audiobook titles include the Ash and Smoke series (YA fantasy), the Thousand Years Series (non-fiction), The Twelve Dates of Christmas (clean romance), and he is currently recording There Were Giants in the Land, the autobiography of W. Cleon Skousen. Adam lives in Eagle Mountain, Utah, with his wife and 4 cats.

Enchantress Ballerina - Lucy Barnes

Lucy is a new resident to Eagle Mountain but has fallen in love with the spirit of this community. Although performance was a passion of Lucy’s throughout her childhood and teenage years, this is the first show she’s done in 7 years. She’s loved the opportunity to be a part of this and it’s reignited her passion for dance, singing, and performance. Thank you to the cast, crew, and production staff. Everyone has put in so much effort and it is so appreciated. Thank you to her family and friends who consistently support her. She hopes you enjoy the show!!

Narrator - Grace Boren
Dramatic from childhood, Grace began acting early elementary school. She performed in Saratoga Springs Community theatre as Smee in Peter Pan and Big Sis Bullfrog in Honk jr. her debut in EMCT was in Alice in Wonderland as the Cook, then performed as the Wizard/Professor Marvel in The Wizard of Oz. She has found community and acceptance in this theatre and will remember these experiences for the rest of her life!
Director - Heather Brower

Heather received her bachelors in theater education from BYU-Idaho and has loved being a part of the arts. Heather has directed Honk Jr, no two ways about it and Willy Wonka kids. She  is beyond excited for this amazing opportunity to be directing Beauty and the Beast at EMCT. Ever since I was a little girl, this musical has been my absolute favorite. I have seen it several times and professionally Teaches the show. I have always wanted to be every single character (mostly Le Fou :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) so it’s a dream come true to get to work closely with each character and watch this work of art take form. I’m very proud of this show.

Choreographer/ Young Prince - Daniel Atwell

Daniel has been dancing for over 30 years. Throughout his youth he performed in many dance shows, competitions, and theater productions. He received a BA in Dance, been a a member of a touring collegiate dance company, a professional dance company member, and the artistic director for a professional dance company. This is Daniel’s second time choreographing for EMCT, and he is grateful to get to be a part of this awesome organization. He wants to thank his wife and children for their inexhaustible love and support.

Producer - Amy Hart

University of Utah graduate in Vocal Performance.  Vocal coach for Stage Hanna for 5 years including a lead role of Sandy in Grease. With EMCT for 3 years serving as their vocal director and treasurer.

Ensemble - Terra Hansen

Terra Hansen (ensemble) has loved musicals as long as she can remember but fell in love with acting while in high school. Beauty and the Beast is her Eagle Mountain Arts Council and Disney debut! Terra has had the opportunity to perform and work in several shows including Me and My Girl (2004 ensemble), Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat (ensemble 2005 and stage crew 2014), Suessical (2006 hair and makeup), Music Man (2013 ensemble), Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (2018 assistant stage manager).
She would like to thank and her husband and three boys for all their support and love.

Milkmaid/Ensemble/Featured Dancer - Rachael Lundberg

Rachael has loved the theatre since a young age and for the first time has taken to the stage for herself. This has been an experience of a lifetime. She would like to thank all her family and friends that have supported her through this all, it means more than words can ever express.

Marie/Ensemble - Olyvia Knight

Olyvia has been acting since she was twelve years old and has been doing music her entire life. She is so excited that she had the chance to work on this production, and hopes she will be able to be In more like it!

Ensemble - Mia Paschall

Mia has been acting since she was ten years old. She had always loved theater! She is so excited to get the opportunity to work on this production and is also looking forward to future theater opportunities!

Ensemble - Melissa Haase

Melissa was involved in theatre throughout High School. She got involved with it again through EMCT more recently. She especially loves musicals and singing. Her motto is that it’s never too late to follow your dreams!

Ensemble - Lilly Talbot

Lilly is a 14 year old that loves drawing and musical theater and when there dad asked if they wanted to audition for this musical they couldn’t say no! They were lucky enough to get in this musical after lots of trial and error with other musicals. They are very happy to be part of this amazing production! And are very thankful for there dad for getting them to audition. 

Featured Dancer - Jordin Dinehart

Jordin has been a resident of Eagle Mountain for 8 years. This is her first play and she is excited to be a part of one with such a great cast and director. Jordin would like to thank her family and friends but especially her mom for convincing her do this. Enjoy! 

Ensemble/Featured Dancer - Emily Ries

Emily Ries started ballroom dancing in 2005. She has performed several times in teams since then and competed a few times. She taught at Arthur Murray Studios in California for a brief period and created and coached a competing and performing youth team in Oregon. After a few years break she’s excited to be back on stage singing and dancing in her favorite musical of all time!

Ensemble - Elizabeth Ellis

Elizabeth has loved performing and making people laugh from an early age. She continued to be involved in various shows throughout high school and into college, and recently returned to her performing roots after a lengthy hiatus. This is her fifth production with EMCT and she is thrilled to be playing one of her oddball bucket list roles (“I need six eggs!”). Special thanks to her husband and children for loving and supporting her in her crazy endeavors, and to her fellow EMCT Board members for putting up with her enthusiasm.

Ensemble - Jenny Johnson

Jennifer is over the moon to have the opportunity to perform in Beauty and the Beast a second time since her youth. Currently, she devotes her time to solo performance, conducting adult choir, and podcast production. Jennifer studied at Brigham Young University, where she received a BS in Elementary Education and a Minor in Music. Her current work includes producing for the podcast Restitch America and teaching her four boys as a homemaker. For personal enjoyment, Jennifer is a custom cake designer on Instagram (@sweetgarden.cakedesign) and a content creator for the Facebook site The Pulchritudinous Perspective (@imjennjohnson). 

Ensemble - Carly Blake

My name is Carly Blake. I love to sing, and have preformed musically since high school in different capacities. My favorite Disney movie has been Beauty and the Beast since I was little. Belle is a strong woman yet sensitive and sweet. This is my first play, and I’m lucky enough to get to experience this with my daughter who loves musical theater. It’s been so fun to experience and meet such talented people. I have 6 kids and have loved the chance to experience something for me, learning, and doing something new! Finding magic and joy in the little things is my motto. Thanks to all the loved ones helping me make this happen with encouragement, and helping me with kids so I can be away!

Ensemble - Rochelle Rackliffe

I have been looking forwarding to this production since it was announced and I am incredibly excited to be involved in it’s production. I am grateful for the hours upon hours of effort, put out by so many people to make this show the amazing production that it is. I am especially grateful to her family for their support and love. And to the love of my life….guess what?

Matt Bake

This is Matt’s 2nd show with EMCT. Most recently he was seen as King Maximillian in R&H Cinderella. Past Credits include Joseph (Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat) Richardson (Civil War) and Javert (Les Miserables), Guys and Dolls, and Hello Dolly. He is grateful to be in this show with his kids, and to his wife for letting us play on stage. He thanks his Heavenly Father for the opportunity to perform for others. Thank you EMCT for this opportunity.
Ensemble/Featured Dancer - Ava Duncan

Ava is a young dedicated actor who is so excited to be joining EMCT for this gorgeous telling of one of her childhood favorites. From napkin dancing to makeup production to flower selling, she’s excited to throw herself into every role she can in this show. She hopes that you enjoy this classic tale as much as she does!

Ensemble - Bailey Rackliffe

Bailey is excited to participate in her 5th production with EMCT! Out of all of them, this is her favorite because of all the fun dancing! Just like Belle, you can often find her lost in a good book and visiting the library as often as she can. 

Ensemble - Evylee Collier

Evylee has a love for theater and is so happy to have the opportunity to be in this production of beauty and the beast. This is her first production with emct and she hopes to be in future shows. She has loved getting to know the other cast members and hopes you enjoy the show!!!

Ensemble - Annika Fletcher

Annika has lived in Eagle Mountain for most of her life. She has a passion for acting and this is her eighth play. Her previous roles include Auntie Em in The Wizard of Oz, as well as one of the stepsisters in Cinderella. She has always loved the theater, especially musicals and is thrilled to be a part of this production. Annika would like to thank her family for the love and support they have shown her in all her theatrical endeavors.

Ensemble - Isabella Bake

This is Isabella’s second show with EMCT. She was last seen as a Lady ( Alice in Wonderland). When not singing on stage, Isabella is Lyrical dancing on stage and is a Freshman in High School. She is grateful to her Heavenly Father for her talents. Thank you EMCT for this opportunity.
Kid Ensemble - Jensen Webb

Jensen is 9 years old and this is her third eagle mountain community play. Jensen has played the Fairy God Mother’s sprite in Cinderella, a talking flower from Alice in Wonderland, & a villager kid in Beauty and the Beast. Jensen wants to say “thank you” to Kinley for being her friend during all the rehearsals- “thanks for making it fun!”

Kid Ensemble - Kinley Blake

My name is Kinley Blake. I have done multiple elementary plays, but this is my first community play. I am 10 years old and love music. In my free time you will find me singing and listening to music. I love preforming and have had so much fun making friends and being a part of the Beauty and the Beast production! “A Beauty but a Funny girl!” Enjoy the show!

Kid Ensemble - Benson Rackliffe

This is Benson’s second show with EMCT but the first he has auditioned for. He is so excited to play a mischievous little boy and to eat real bread on stage. When asked what he plans to do when the show is over he says…videogames and sleep!

Kid Ensemble - Roselia Bake

This is Roselia’s 3rd show with EMCT. Past credits include: Flower (Alice in Wonderland) and Ensemble (R&H Cinderella). Roselia enjoys playing the piano and is in 7th grade. She is grateful to her Heavenly Father for her talents. Thank you EMCT for this opportunity.
Kid Ensemble - Diana Bake


This is Diana’s debut show, and she is thrilled to be in Beauty and the Beast. Diana enjoys playing Jr. Jazz Basketball, and dancing. She is grateful to her Heavenly Father for the opportunity to share her talents. Thank you EMCT for this opportunity.

Kid Ensemble - Matthew Bake Jr

This is Matthew’s 3rd show with EMCT. Past credits include: Soldier (Alice in Wonderland) and Trumpeter (R&H Cinderella). Offstage Matthew enjoys playing Jr. Jazz Basketball. Matthew thanks his Heavenly Father his talents. Thank you EMCT for this opportunity.

Music - Alan Menken

Theater: God Bless You Mr Rosewater, Little Shop Of Horrors, Real Life Funnies, Atina: Evil Queen Of The Galaxy, Kicks, The Apprenticeship Of Duddy Kravitz, Beauty And The Beast, A Christmas Carol, Weird Romance, King David, Der Glöckner Von Notre Dame, The Little Mermaid, Sister Act, Leap Of Faith, Aladdin and Newsies. Film: Little Shop Of Horrors, The Little Mermaid, Beauty And The Beast, Newsies, Aladdin, Pocahontas, The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Hercules, Life With Mikey, Lincoln, Home On The Range, Noel, Enchanted, Shaggy Dog, Tangled and Mirror Mirror. Songs: Rocky V, Home Alone 2 and Captain America. Awards: 8 Oscars (19 nominations), 11 Grammys (including Song of the Year), 7 Golden Globes, Tony® (plus 4 nominations), Drama Desk, Outer Critics Circle, New York Drama Critics, Olivier and London’s Evening Standard Award, Drama League. Honors: Songwriter’s Hall of Fame, Doctorates from New York University and University of North Carolina School of the Arts.


Lyrics - Howard Ashman

Best known as a pivotal creative mind behind the renaissance of Disney animation and his work on The Little Mermaid, Aladdin and Beauty and The Beast (which is dedicated to, “Our friend, Howard Ashman, who gave a Mermaid her voice and a Beast his soul…”) Ashman’s first love was theater. Ashman was a founder of off off Broadway’s renowned WPA Theater, where he conceived, wrote and directed God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater, as well as the classic musical, Little Shop of Horrors (both music by Alan Menken). In 1986, he wrote and directed the Broadway musical Smile (music by Marvin Hamlisch). Lamented as a lost treasure of the 1980’s theater scene, Smile remains popular on High School and College campuses throughout the country. Howard Ashman died in 1991 from complications of AIDS. For more information, please visit howardashman.com. 

Lyrics - Tim Rice

Tim Rice has worked in music, theater, and film since 1965, when he met Andrew Lloyd Webber, a fellow struggling songwriter. Rather than pursue Tim’s ambitions to write rock or pop songs, they turned their attention to Andrew’s obsession – musical theater. Their first collaboration, The Likes Of Us (lyrics by Tim, music by Andrew), was an unsuccessful show based on the life of Dr. Barnardo, the Victorian philanthropist. Their next three works together were much more successful: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Evita. Tim has also worked with other distinguished popular composers such as Elton John (The Lion King, Aida), Alan Menken (Aladdin, King David, Beauty and the Beast), and Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson (Chess). From Here to Eternity, with music by newcomer Stuart Brayson, coproduced with Lee Menzies, directed by Tamara Harvey, and with book by Bill Oakes, premiered in the West End at the Shaftesbury Theatre in 2013. He formed his own cricket team in 1973 and was president of the MCC in 2002. In 2013, he wrote and presented a 52-part series for BBC Radio 2, American Pie, a trawl through the music and musicians of every American State. He has won several awards, mainly for the wrong thing or for simply turning up.

Book - Linda Woolverton

Linda Woolverton’s writing credits include the screenplay for the animated feature film BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (Golden Globe winner and Academy Award Best Picture nominee); the screenplay (shared) for HOMEWARD BOUND: THE INCREDIBLE JOURNEY; screenplay (shared) for the animated feature film THE LION KING; the book for the Broadway musical BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (Tony Award nomination for Best Book of a Musical, winner 1998 Olivier Award Best New Musical); and book (shared) for Elton John and Tim Rice’s Broadway musical AIDA. Also she has written two young-adult novels, STAR-WIND and RUNNING BEFORE THE WIND. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts from California State University Long Beach and a Master’s degree in Theatre from California State University Fullerton. Linda is currently involved in writing and producing film projects for Miramax and Revolution studios. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband Lee Flicker and daughter Keaton.

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